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Meet KJ (Karaoke DJ)

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Aeron has been working in nearly every aspect of theatre, film and television production since he was dragged into performing the Artful Dodger by his 4th grade teacher Mrs. Klutz.  Traveling with his gypsy military family for most of his formative years provided an ample assortment of personalities to keep his Mother two steps from the looney bin and his Father from knowing who he was.  In addition to producing, directing, and acting in theatre, television, and film production, he has been teaching acting and dialects for more than 35 years both here in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles.  Other jobs Aeron has held over the years include a stint working for the US Forest Service,  a Silversmith creating Indian “style” Jewelry, Carpentery, Office manager, Sandwich maker, Busboy and a lot of telephone sales positions. Interesting fact:  He spent his High School years hitchhiking around Colorado with a backpack and his Dog Captain America.

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